Eat to Heal,

Be Happy

Healthy organic dinners delivered to your door!

Visiting the Island?

Let us organize your healthy meals in advance to ensure that you and your loved ones will be eating locally sourced, healthy, fresh, organic meals - cooked from scratch with pure Aloha. We encourage you to pre-order online as you plan your vacation. We will deliver your orders to your accommodation. You may also place your order during your stay on Kauaʻi based on availability.
Healthy Cooking Classes

Come learn how to prepare a balanced complete meal within 30 minutes using only the ingredients our body appreciate.

Island fruit bowl w: cashew cream & hemp

We source as many local ingredients as possible, and all ingredients are guaranteed to be fresh, fair-traded, organic and non-GMO. Each item is carefully selected from local growers, fishermen, hunters and farmers who are rooted in sustainable food practices.


Healthy Organic Catering & Private Chef

Practical Simple Inspiring Healthy Cooking Classes

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Our commitment
- Being community leaders, educating and supporting people who desire to eat and live healthy.
- Creating jobs and financial sustainability for individuals and the community.  
- Educating and empowering people and the community to become more self-sufficient and independent financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, environmentally and economically, by utilizing the resources around them.

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