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"We want to see you healthier and happier.

If we can be a part of your transformation, that makes our day."

Why should you choose us?

Living on a small island in the middle of Pacific Ocean has inspired us to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, much like how the early Hawaiians lived. Being surrounded by raw nature with its perfect balance and harmony, we strive to utilize what surrounds us. Ultimately, we are taking care of God’s land and in return receiving potent Mana (Hawaiian for life force/energy) to thrive. It is said that prior to the missionariesʻ arrival, Hawaiians lived in prosperity and abundance. Everyone worked to put food on the table and had a place to sleep.... what more do you need to thrive in paradise?


Fast forward to today, our Kuleana (Hawaiian for responsibility and privilege) is to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and ongoing studies of evolutional discoveries in health, the cutting-edge science of the quantum field, the law of universe and the latest technologies. We are the team to utilize the abundance around us. 

With this wealth of knowledge, we create the utmost delicious and healthy food for everyday living and to learn to lead the community with authenticity, health and wealth. How FUN!



It is ideal to know who is growing the food we consume, where and how. We are convinced the freshness of the ingredients is vital to receiving Mana (Hawaiian for life force, supernatural divine power); Mana is what connects us to the universe and promotes contentment and abundance. We don’t count calories nor do we promote a weight loss program. However, by committing to a healthy lifestyle, you will ultimately achieve happiness and a deep connection with both the earth and yourself.

We have unlimited resources and many life experiences to pass on to you. We have transformed ourselves by living the healthiest lifestyle. These choices are so practical you can start applying to your everyday life— from right now. We love living and giving our knowledge.


Yumi was born and raised in a beautiful, historical town by the ocean, Kamakura, Japan. She began her training in the kitchen at a very young age— she would help her mother prepare food for six family members of three generations. She remembers the feeling of joy and passion while exploring her mother’s cook books and creating her own creations to share. Fresh food markets helped develop discernment for the best ingredients and inspiration to create her own recipes.

Her previous occupation as a ski and snowboard instructor and a heli-ski guide led Yumi to reside in Queenstown, New Zealand and Whistler, BC, Canada. Through rehabilitation from two surgeries due to sports injuries, she became a certified Yoga instructor in Canada while she studied and practiced Ayurveda. She began to recognize that anything we consume and are exposed to has certain effects on our body, mind and spirit. She started exploring the way to activate the healing power with in all of us. Studying and practicing the power of healing food everyday became her passion and life work.

After she landed on Kaua’i in 2005, she experimented with being 100% raw vegan and also studied many different modalities of cleansing and detoxing. Now she enjoys a healthy island diet based on the theory drawn from a macrobiotic concept: “Eating the abundance within four miles of your home gives us the best immune system.” After practicing this concept for years, she is convinced it creates harmony and balance with the island she lives on while contributing to her well-being. Our everyday choice of practicing ecological and sustainable living contributes to the beloved Mother Earth. Now she is ready to share her skills, knowledge and experiences with the world!

Hami owns and operates an organic farm in Moloa'a, Kaua'i. Living in the open-air house and growing a plethora of fruit trees and vegetables has encouraged her to learn, play and live with nature. She celebrates her everyday life with cooking while receiving the beauty and abundance of nature. The mana/life she harvests and receives from plants on her own farm gives her an endless amount of inspirations and joy.

Hami was born by the ocean in Shizuoka, Japan. Bred into the Soba (buckwheat noodle) Restaurant, Hami has the gift of cooking in her genes. Since young age, she dreamt to create a space for people to gather and celebrate life through wholesome meals. She has worked for a fair-trading company in Japan operating stores and events while studying and practicing Macrobiotic cooking (which ultimately healed her own health issues). She has since become a chef at the hemp restaurant "Magokoro” in Kamakura, Japan— using hemp seeds and naturally farmed local rice and vegetables. With this abundance of knowledge she started traveling and WOOFing through Japan and Kaua'i, offering her skills and talents with those around her.



Farm to Table

Healthy Cooking 

Coffee & Cacao

Home made medicinal tea

Hawaiian heab & remedies



Healthy Cooking 

Natural Remedies




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