All our meals are created with carefully selected, locally-sourced, fresh, organic and non-GMO ingredients.

There are three reasons we take such pride choosing our food:

1) Eating clean, safe and nutritious food creates positive thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviors. Wise choices, in turn, generate a life full of positivity.

2) Eating food produced within 4 miles of your home helps to support the best immune system. We know who grows, harvests and sources our food.

3) Supporting and working with local, organic and non-GMO farmers, gardeners, fishermen, hunters, businesses and organizations helps our local economy thrive and aids in ecological sustainability.


Visiting the Island?

Let us organize your healthy meals in advance to ensure that you and your loved ones will be eating locally sourced, healthy, fresh, organic meals - cooked from scratch with pure Aloha.


We encourage you to pre-order online as you plan your vacation. We will deliver your orders to your accommodation. You may also place your order during your stay on Kauaʻi based on availability.

After all, you will feel much lighter, happier and satiated from our healthy meals.


You will be able to;

  • Spend more time enjoying yourself and your loved ones while exploring the beautiful beaches, lush jungles and breathtaking mountains of Kauaʻi.

With YumisYummies, you will not worry about;

  • Spending an unnecessary amount time at the grocery store thinking about ingredients you need to prepare dinner. 

  • Spending money at restaurants and filling up on meals you really donʻt enjoy.

  • Purchasing large quantities of supplies, like olive oil, vinegar and spices - knowing you will leave them behind upon your departure. 


We are proud to offer economically, ecologically, environmentally, and spiritually feel-good-solutions for our island, locals and visitors!



   Available from Haʻena to Poipu

$160 for 2 / $300 for 4

$70 per person after
Price includes ingredients & tax / 2 hours


Healthy Asian / Polynesian Dinner
1) Detox Soup Dinner
2) Sugar & MSG free Thai Food Dinner
3) Japanese Dinner
4) Hawaiian Dinner
5) Stir-fry Dinner

Healthy Italian Dinner
6) Coconut Cream Shrimp Pasta Dinner
7) Seafood Risotto Dinner
8) Pesto Pasta Dinner

Our chef can come and cook in your kitchen. You are encouraged to observe, learn and ask questions.


You may select one of the eight set-course menu. We also have a large menu for you to customize your meals. We accommodate for large groups for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions. We also offer professional Hawaiian/Polynesian entertainment.




Do you feel like you are too busy to eat healthy, confused where to start, think you cannot afford wholesome foods, or have tried too many methods that donʻt seem to work for you body? But deep down within, you know you owe yourself a healthy transformation? Then, you are ready to make the change and be the change!


We all need coaching and a solid support system, just as athletes have coaches to achieve their best results. If you don’t know how to start living a healthy lifestyle then education and reinforcement is necessary.

If you are reading this now, you are following your soulʻs guidance. There is no such a thing coincidence. There is not a magic pill or miracle shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. It is a journey that you must commit yourself to.


We are here to help and act as your guides. Living healthy is just so wonderful! Once your body and soul are aligned to your efforts and commitment, there is no going back to old habits. The hardest step is the first step. The best news is that it will get just easier and easier as you go.

Eventually good choices will become second nature until you reach the point where your brain doesnʻt even recognize junk food as something you once enjoyed. As you grow healthier, you will smile with self-love, looking back at how far you have come - it is such a great feeling.

If you then chose to, you will be able to help others on the same journey you are now walking. How rewarding! Let us help you with practical, healthy, everyday living suggestions, tips and support. We are here for you every day. We walk our talk, and would love to share with you.

Classes & Tours

  Healthy Cooking Classes  

  Farmers Market & Grocery Tour  

These educational and informative classes, workshops and tours, will teach you how to start or advance in healthier lifestyle with practical, simple and inspiring approaches. Those useful and informative tips are here for you to utilize and apply to your everyday life right now.


Our previous participants ranges from teenagers to seniors, unhealthy cooks to those who did not know how to cook before. These partakers are now enjoying:

  • feeling lighter

  • better moods

  • better sleep

  • more energy

  • clearer mind


When you taste and smell healthy food or see beautiful and safe ingredients, you will experience a very special sensation and feeling - we strongly believe these experiences change lives.

Private classes

Healthy Cooking Classes 90 minutes: $215

Price includes ingredients & tax


Farmers market & Grocery Tour 1 hour: $110

Price includes tax


  Upcoming Workshops TBA  


Fermented or Pickled Vegetables

Enzyme Juice


All about Coconut

Hawaiian Herbs

Home made coffee beans

Home made chocolate

Home remedies

Garden Island Spa at home


Healthy Organic Catering & Private Chef

Practical Simple Inspiring Healthy Cooking Classes

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Our commitment
- Being community leaders, educating and supporting people who desire to eat and live healthy.
- Creating jobs and financial sustainability for individuals and the community.  
- Educating and empowering people and the community to become more self-sufficient and independent financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, environmentally and economically, by utilizing the resources around them.

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